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Guardrail / Cable Barrier

With over a decade’s worth of experience in the road building industry, C&H Construction specializes in the planning, installation, and maintenance of the following:

We began with the construction and repair of steel beam guardrail systems throughout southern Alabama. We’ve successfully installed and maintained hundreds of miles of guardrail throughout the southeast.

We install both permanent and temporary construction impact attenuators, also known as crash cushions, on highways and at work sites across the state.

C&H is responsible for thousands of feet of Timber Rail. We pride ourselves on installing a safe barrier that is also aesthetically pleasing for the traveling public.

C&H specializes in median cable barrier systems; a safe, low-cost alternative to the W-beam guardrail. These systems requires less repair and maintenance than traditional guardrail products. 

Guardrail is versatile, and can be used for livestock purposes like fencing, windbreaks, feed troughs, and feed bunks. It’s a low-maintenance solution and easy to install. 

Our experience and thorough knowledge equips our crews to tackle the most complex challenges. They can devise innovative, efficient solutions, if needed, using high-quality materials.

Key to our success has been building relationships and establishing successful communication between our clients, management and road crews. Utilizing high-quality products, equipment and extensive planning, we provide outstanding service that enables us to continually deliver projects on budget and on schedule.

C&H Construction is a Department of Transportation pre-approved contractor and has served as a prime and subcontractor for both the public and private sector. With a growing roster of successful projects, we are able to meet the challenges of the road building industry throughout Southeast.

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