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Richard Gilchrist

VP Guardrail

Richard spearheads the guardrail portion of our operation. He’s highly knowledgeable and a certified expert in his field. His easy-going manner makes him an effective leader for our guardrail crews. Richard is a veteran of the road construction industry. Over the course of sixteen years, he has acquired experience with guardrail, cable rail, and fencing. Before coming to C&H, he was employed by another guardrail company, where he refined his expertise in the field. He brought that expertise with him to C&H and has been with us since we began in 2005. He is an excellent coordinator and his connections in the industry help our guardrail operation run smoothly and efficiently.


A family man, Richard enjoys spending time with his wife, Shannon, his three kids, and 
his grandkids. He is an outdoorsman, always ready to take part in a hunting or fishing trip.  

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