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Pepper is both a founder and a leader here at C&H. Calm, cool, and collected, he is the one to call in a crisis. A business man with great attention to detail, Pepper keeps a close eye on the things that are easily overlooked in order to keep the company running smoothly. He began his career in construction in 1993 after graduating from Mississippi State University, where he acquired bachelor’s degrees in business management and landscape contracting.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Pepper became a contractor and built residential homes in the Mobile and Birmingham areas. In 2005, he left residential contracting to go into business with his lifelong best friend, Roman Clayton. Nearly two decades later, they are still in business together and remain close friends. Pepper and his wife, Amy, live across the bay in Daphne, Alabama. They have three children; Caroline, Jacob, and Joseph. Highly active in his faith community, he is a member of Christ the King Catholic Parish and is on the McGill-Toolen Advisory Board.


When he isn’t attending baseball games and track meets, Pepper takes advantage of his in-house deckhands and enjoys offshore fishing. Whenever life allows, he takes every advantage to simply sit on the porch with his wife and enjoy the sunset. 

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Pepper Huff

Founder and Co-Owner

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