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Lindsey Weems


Lindsey is a driven competitor who brings experience and vision to the C&H Team on maximizing value through corporate processes and procedures. As an accountant with a Master of Business Administration from Spring Hill College, Lindsey brings 20 years of experience to the table where she has enjoyed supplying decision makers in the construction industry with key financial data to evaluate opportunities, mitigate risk, and maximize returns.

Lindsey also has a passion for serving on not-for-profit boards, where financial forecasts are critical due to the ever-changing economic environments. She and her husband, David, are active members of St. Ignatius Parish.

In her free time, you can find Lindsey at athletic fields or gyms supporting and/or coaching one of her five children: Patrick, Joseph, Stuart, John or Lucy. When given a free weekend, she prefers to spend it with family and friends on Fowl River or any body of water surrounding Mobile Bay.

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