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Livestock Fencing

A popular application for used steel guardrail is as fencing for livestock. Among its many advantages are its strength, durability and cost-effectiveness.

The steel’s galvanized coating ensures long years of reliable service. Guardrail is versatile, and not only can be used for fencing, but also for windbreaks, feed troughs, and feed bunks. It’s low-maintenance and easy to install.

When in stock, C&H Construction can provide a wide array of guardrail, posts and components for livestock use.

Used Guardrail For Livestock Needs

Once steel guardrail has been damaged or is no longer suitable for highway use it can still be utilized in a variety of applications. C&H Construction offers this product for public and private use.

Used steel guardrail has many attractive features. It is strong, durable, and more reliable than wood stockade fencing. It provides a cost-effective solution for livestock and agricultural fencing, wall reinforcement, private driveways, parking lot barriers, and for erosion control in landscaping.

Depending on availability, C&H may stock used W-beam guardrail, steel guardrail posts, wood posts, and hardware for a wide range of uses.

Call C&H for availability and inventory.

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