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Right Of Way Repair & Erosion Control Services

Our Right-of-Way Repair and Erosion Services help protect roads and highways by repairing damage caused by construction and erosion. Our experienced team ensures the integrity of right-of-ways to keep them safe and functional.

Grading / Rut Repair

Setting grade and repairing ruts are a necessary part of utility work. Our top-grade equipment ensures we get the job done.

Vegetation Control

Utility companies often need to clear vegetation in order to complete their work. We offer excellent clearing and bush cutting services for any utility site.


Concrete Repair

We repair concrete damage done to sidewalks, curbs, and driveways by utility work.

Erosion Control

ROW areas damaged by utility construction are more susceptible to erosion. We staff QCI employees to help with any erosion control needs on your utility work site.

Environmental Restoration

When spills damage ROW or private property, we rebuild the earth surrounding the affected area after the hazardous material is removed.

C&H Construction is a Department of Transportation pre-approved contractor and has served as a prime and subcontractor for both the public and private sector. With a growing roster of successful projects, we are able to meet the challenges of the road building industry throughout Southeast.

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