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Chad is the head of our traffic control department. His role places him in charge of all traffic control operations, including scheduling, layouts, and personnel. His practical and down-to-business demeanor gives him an edge when it comes to efficiency and organization.


Chad started with us in 2016 as a foreman. Our traffic control operation began in 2012 and, as it grew in size, so did our need for someone to lead it. Chad took on the responsibility in 2018 and was named general superintendent for traffic control. By 2020, he became the traffic control manager of the still growing department. He is an ATSSA certified Traffic Control Technician (TCT) and Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) as well as Florida MOT intermediate certified.


A native of Gulf Shores, Chad lives in Foley, Alabama and has two children, Vivian and Sawyer. He is an excellent outdoorsman, hunting and fishing whenever he gets the chance

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Chad Peed

VP Traffic Controls

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