Traffic Water Barriers & Walls

C&H sells and rents high-density polyethylene plastic water barriers. These functional, durable and versatile traffic control system can be used empty or filled with water or sand. Perfectly designed for special events, road construction, or homeland security needs, water barriers can be used individually spaced apart or interconnected.

Need to clearly define a intended path for motorists, pedestrians, or workers?
C&H is your one-stop source for your water barrier and water barrier wall needs.


  • NCHRP 350 TL1, TL2, TL3 crash worthy
  • Includes impact attenuator with same test level approval
  • Forklift holes allow for easy movement and placement
  • Easy to fill with water or sand
  • Drain plug allows for quick draining
  • Steel connection pin safely locks sections together
  • Durable construction. No bowing
  • Standard colors (orange/red or white)
  • Accepts plastic or chain link fence


The Sentry Water-Cable Barrier

The Sentry Water Barrier has been tested and accepted for all TL-1, TL-2, and TL-3 lightweight 1,807 lbs (820 kg) and heavyweight 4,409 lbs (2,000 kg) vehicle impacts at 45 mph (7-kph) and 62.5 mph (100 kph) impacts. Sentry can do any job, without the addition of external steel or extra parts, where water barrier is specified.

Sentry Water-Cable Barrier allows for the creation of a free standing continuous longitudinal water-cable barrier. Each Sentry wall section has four integrally molded corrosion resistant steel cables and either bushings connection the barrier sections to prevent vehicle breaching. Weighting 2,000 lbs (907 kg) when filled, the Sentry Water-Cable Barrier softly absorbs the impacting vehicles energy progressively using water, and the steel cables to cature the vehicle without redirection, avoiding a secondary incident.

Errant Vehicles are prevented from entering the work zone, captured and not redirected into traffic, safely controlled and stopped, increasing the survival rate of occupants and workers!

Sentry Water-Cable Barrier
TL-1 Tested & Accepted
TL-2 Tested & Accepted
TL-3 Tested & Accepted

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