SQ2® System

The SQ2 Pedestal Mount Portable Traffic Signals is designed for fast deployment and is ideal for daily and short-term traffic control applications. Quickly set up a lane closure for maintenance work, signalize a haul road, or even use them as a temporary ramp meter. The possibilities are endless.

SQ2T® System

The SQ2T Trailer Mounted Portable Traffic Signal Lights are perfect for medium to long-term deployments.  With a larger battery bank and integrated solar panel, the SQ2T PTS System offers all the benefits of the standard SQ2, with the added flexibility of a trailer towable unit.

DAD System

The Driveway Assistance Device (DAD), engineered exclusively by Horizon Signal Technologies, has been designed to address the need to control residential driveways that fall within one-lane work zones.

The Driveway Assistance Device is the only system on the market today that can maintain signaling in multiple driveways in a work zone simultaneously. The DAD keeps cycle times low while maintaining a high level of safety.

SQ3TS® System

The SQ3TS Trailer-Mounted PTS is the most dynamic and dependable signal available today.  With a multitude of add-on components, and a 25-year design life, the SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal is the work zone workhorse that you can rely on year after year.   From a simple one-lane bridge repair project, to complete intersection control, the SQ3TS System has you covered, under even the most demanding conditions.