About Us

Our mission didn’t begin in a corporate office, or anywhere air conditioned, for that matter. It began with two long-time friends with a pick-up and a trailer on the side of a sweltering highway. In 2005, high school friends Pepper Huff and Roman Clayton left their former jobs to seize an opportunity in the guardrail industry. A niche needed to be filled, and risks needed to be taken in order to fill it. So, the two invested in a sole driver truck and some raw materials, and went to work. 

In years since, C&H Construction Services has grown from a two-men-in-a-truck operation to an efficient, reliable company in the Alabama guardrail and traffic control industry. Over the course of projects we have performed for the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and many other general contractors, we have maintained our dedication to safe, efficient operations and quality services. We pride ourselves on every job we take, no matter how big or how small. Our mission is to provide quality products that will make all roads safer, from eight-lane highways to country backroads.

Here at C&H, our team is united in this common goal. With Huff and Clayton at the helm, we have achieved our goal time and time again, in Alabama and states beyond. Though the company has changed and grown over the years, we maintain the same dedication and work ethic  that we were founded on. We take immense pride in making our roads safer, and will for years to come.

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